Instant Mixed Lentil Dosa (No Rice or Fermentation Required)

Dosa is an Indian version of Crepe and quite famous street food in India. I have not come across a single Indian who doesn’t like Dosas. The traditional recipe is quite lengthy and requires fermentation, which means you have to prepare this ahead of time and let the batter rise. With hectic lifestyle and work schedule, sometimes it gets difficult to prep ahead of time. At times due to cold weather, it takes much longer for the batter to rise. As you all know I am always in the hunt of quick healthy instant toddler friendly recipes because we get so bored with the same usual foods in our house. Breakfast and snacks are always challenging for me. Having a picky four-year-old makes it even difficult in the mornings to get everything done in time to head out on time for work.

Most of the time on my days off, I am usually experimenting recipes to come up with quick healthy breakfast options, as breakfast is one of the most important meal of the day! It is very important for kids to have a good morning breakfast, which is loaded with protein, fiber, and carbs to be energized, attentive and focused at school. I love how it is so easy to soak the lentils, grind it quickly in the morning, serve instantly for breakfast or make the batter and store in airtight container to be used anytime. It is perfect quick last-minute snack or even a meal! This recipe requires all types of lentils, another great way is to get in all types of nutritional ingredients in your everyday intake! This recipe makes super crispy Dosas, do trust me when I say this! When I made these for my friends, they did not believe me that recipe did not include rice as a key ingredient in the batter. These Dosas are naturally gluten free, so go ahead enjoy them guilt free! What are you waiting for? Make them tomorrow for breakfast!


½ cup urad dal

¼ cup yellow moong dal

¼ cup masoor dal

¼ cup channa dal

¼ cup split green moong dal

½ cup of water to make fine smooth paste

Salt to taste

Oil or ghee for cooking


Add all the lentils in a big bowl. Wash them thoroughly multiple times. Soak them for 3-4 hours or overnight. After few hours of soaking, you will notice that lentils will begin to swell and become soft. Drain all the water. Add these soaked lentils in Vitamix or blender. Add water slowly at a time while grinding, if too thick, add water slowly one tablespoon at a time. Make sure the batter is smooth and little thicker than pancake consistency. Mix salt and mix thoroughly.

Once the batter is ready, you can make Dosa instantly. This recipe does not require fermentation. Take a non-stick flat pan or heavy base cast iron griddle, spread some oil or ghee on it. Keep the griddle on medium heat. Wipe it off with a tissue while spreading it with a help of a tissue. This makes griddle non-stick and manageable for Dosas. When griddle is slightly hot, take a ladle full of batter and spread it in circular motion to give it a round shape, like a crepe. Keep the flame on medium-high flame. After 1-2 minutes, apply oil or ghee with silicon brush all over. You will notice in some time the edges of the Dosa will start coming off by itself.  It should be nice and crispy, no need to cook it from the other side. If your Dosa isn’t coming out crispy, then increase the heat little bit. Enjoy it with choice of chutney!

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