Dhwani’s Story

Hi! I am Dhwani, a nurse practitioner by profession but a chef at heart! I love experimenting with global cuisines and creating diverse fusion recipes. My goal is to inspire you to cook delicious food in your own kitchens, regardless of whether you are an expert or a novice. Crafting recipes from scratch calms and relaxes me and it is a great way to escape from the chaos and monotony of everyday life. I have been a lifestyle blogger for eight years but now decided to take it to a whole new level bringing you a brand new website dedicated to just my fusion recipes!

I am neither a professional chef nor have I received formal training, but every time I visit a restaurant with my husband, I feel urged to get back home and try to recreate the same dish in my way. With a bit of luck, my experiments have turned out to be deliciously successful which further fueled my passion and encouraged me to keep going and create even more diverse fusion recipes. Hence, my goal is to encourage everyone to bring out their inner crafty chef, regardless if you’re an expert or novice.

No, I did not wake up one day all inspired to dice some vegetables. Cooking has been my passion since I was eleven. It has brought me here to share with you, the novel flavors that I create in my kitchen. My childhood involved me swinging by the kitchen to help my mother and the aroma of the hand-pestled spices that my father always added in the perfect amount, which he would modestly suggest to be estimations. His maverick style of cooking long with his perfect estimations opened up an intriguing world of fusion cuisine for me.

When I was a teenager, I found myself juggling between youtube and cook-books. It always fascinated me to see our older generation of family and friends confidently toss and stir to present finger licking dishes without any guidance. So I thought to myself, instead of being stuck with food redundancy, why not create something of my own to satisfy my taste buds? Since then, I have been inspired to craft my own recipes. Cooking is an art where you create deliciousness by trial and errors. Perfection comes with experience, so create your own recipes when it comes to food, adjust everything to fit your taste buds, and you will be surprised with the end result.

I will update new recipes weekly, so be sure to check back often for updates. You can sign up to get new recipes by email and follow me. So, I would absolutely love everyone reading this to be a part of my journey! I would encourage all of you to try my recipes! and when you do, make sure to take a picture of your creation and send it to me at curryncornbread@gmail.com, or post it on Instagram and tag me @curryncornbread.