Watermelon Refresher

Do you have a favorite summer time drink? There is nothing more quintessential summer than a cold drink on a warm afternoon. Staying hydrated is so important, especially in summer. Talking about summer, my kiddo is home this week! Amongst the fun and excitement, I forget to remind the importance of drinking fluids. Kids don’t often recognize thirst, especially when they are busy having fun, which makes them vulnerable to dehydration.

If you have a picky child, this drink is for you. Even I could live on this drink this summer! I am totally in love with it and when you use a good watermelon it just makes it that much better! I am just terrible at picking the perfect watermelon. I follow the recommended tips from my mom but still sometime end up with duds. I think its just luck of the draw right? What I love about this drink is that its healthy and made with readily available seasonal ingredients and takes less than 5 minutes to make from start to cleanup.

Serves [4]

[Calories per serving 70, Fat 0.2g, Carbs 15g, Fiber 1g, Protein 1g]


2-3 cups chopped watermelon (cubed, seedless)

1-2 tbsp honey, adjust to the sweetness of your watermelon

1/4 cup of mint leaves

4-5 lime slices

1/3 cup of water

ice cubes

2 ounce of tequila or vodka [Optional- for adults ;)]


Put the chopped watermelon in blender and puree until smooth. Set aside. In a large bowl, muddle together lemon slices, mint leaves, and honey. Don’t muddle too much as you don’t want to break the leaves up. Add the watermelon puree and mix well. Add ice to each glass and pour in the muddled watermelon mixture. Stir and serve! Perfect drink for the kids!

P.S. If there is leftovers, I like to add 2 ounces of tequila or rum to my glass ;).

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