Blogging break

New hair. Who dis?

Kidding. Kind of. I did get a hair cut, but hopefully you still remember who I am. If you’ve been around here for any amount of time, you might have noticed that things have been unusually quiet around here. Like big time quiet. I haven’t posted consistently in this space really in the last 4 and a half months. A blogging break. A step back. A little hiatus. Whatever you want to call it, I’ve been away from the blog for a while.

My decision to step back stemmed largely from a strong pull to realign some of my priorities. Blogging is a lot of work. It takes lots of time to research and create consistent content, to market that content to your audience, networking with other bloggers, and all the back end pieces that go into maintaining a website and social presence.

I want to blog. It is something that I enjoy and I am so grateful for the opportunities and connections that I have had since creating this space many years ago. But when I found myself spending more time than I’d like in front of a computer or phone and feeling extra stress about getting content out, I knew it was time to get step back.

I also began to realize that I am not very good at resting.  At not feeling like there is something that I HAVE to be doing at any given time.

But y’all – I need rest.

There have been so many days where I have been totally beat by the end of the day And instead of forcing myself to power through to get extra content out, I’ve just been choosing to rest. To say yes to quiet.

Anyway… finally I think I have found the middle ground or somewhat balance of things to come back to blogging. It may not be weekly thing but definitely will be popping up with new content every 2-3 weeks! Let’s see I am excited to get back on to swing of things….

Have you ever had to take a step back or a break from something you enjoy to pursue and focus on something better?  Did you pick it back up or decide it was time to let it go?  

Everything in its time.

Tell me about it! I’d love to hear from you!

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