Eggless Easter Cupcakes

I was looking through my Facebook timeline and was seeing how we celebrated easter last year with egg hunt and parties. With the virus outbreak this year, everything seems to be dull and all you hear is negativity. I hope some of you all are doing well, celebrating your religious holiday easter at home with family. With shortage of eggs in the stores, I thought let me share my eggless vanilla cupcake recipe again.

While I love baking cupcakes, I will be honest. I don’t always love decorating cupcakes, it requires lot of effort. Thankfully, I am pretty good at finding easy ways to decorate cupcakes. I found these adorable little chocolate bunnies and little eggs filled with caramel at target, they are Ghirardelli brand. They make your life so easy and also looks very cute. They were quite fun to decorate, because it did not take a lot of time!

The Eggless Vanilla Cupcakes recipe is here..

If you want to decorate the cupcakes like I did, then use #233 from wilton to get the grass effect on the top and get mini chocolate bunnies and eggs readymade from the store and there your cupcakes are ready!!

Pipe the grass onto the cupcakes

Fit your piping bag with the decorating tip and fill the bag with your buttercream. Start at the middle of the cupcake, place the tip on the cupcake, squeeze the bag, then release while quickly pulling up, creating 1/4 blades. Work your way out from the center, filling in the top of the cupcakes. All of the grass blades have to be the same length. It is very easy to go in and fill in any bare or thin spots as well or cover it with the chocolate eggs!

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