Baba Ganoush

Are you a fan of eggplants? If yes, then you will love this tasty dip. And if you are not, you must definitely give this recipe a shot, you may just realize that eggplants aren’t that bad after all! We love eggplants in all forms! There are various ways of cooking eggplants and as you move across the country, you will be surprised to see the variety in eggplant dishes. Today I am sharing the most popular middle eastern dip recipe called baba ganoush!

Baba ganoush is a rich, creamy, smoky eggplant dish. It is dairy free, vegan, and full of healthy ingredients. I am not sure if I have said this before, but eggplant is like vodka of vegetables. It does not have any qualities and its quite neutral. It’s like a blank canvas which you can turn it into something beautiful if you paint it up with flavors! If you ever have experienced really good, mind blowing, authentic Baba ganoush, you will know what I mean when I say, I am often disappointed. As simple as the ingredients are, it is surprising how easy it is to mess it up.

The best baba ganoush is very simple and easy to make if you get the perfect smokiness factor while roasting the eggplants. How, you ask? How is this possible? Well I am going to tell you right now. You smoke it! You want to roast your eggplants over open fire or roast it until charred. If you don’t have access of both methods, you can always add tsp of liquid smoke to the dish when roasted eggplant is mashed.

Baba ganoush is usually served with warm pita bread or pita chips. You can also serve it as a dip on a crudités platter or along with some falafel. It also makes an awesome sandwich or wrap spread! What are you waiting for? Don’t forget to pick up some eggplants on your next trip to the grocery store and make this really easy, healthy eggplant dip.

Serves 3

[Per serving calories 200, Fat 20g, Carbs 12g, Fiber 6g, Protein 6g]


2 large eggplants

2 tbsp tahini

1 tbsp lemon juice

4 large garlic cloves

Salt to taste

2 tbsp of EVOO

Fresh finely chopped coriander leaves

1 tsp smoked paprika

Sumac (optional)


There are many ways to roast the eggplant

  1. Stove top – roast eggplant over gas flame, turning every 4-5 minutes. Roast for 20-25 minutes or until it is charred and collapsible. Place it in the bowl and cover it for 20 minutes.
  2. Grill – you can grill the eggplants until soft and charred. Place it in the bowl and cover it for 20 minutes
  3. Oven – pre heat oven to 400F. Halve the eggplant and prick eggplant skin several times with a fork or knife. Bake until meltingly tender and collapsed. Place it in the bowl and cover it for 20 minutes.

Once you have roasted the eggplant, let it cool for approx. 20 minutes in a bowl. Once cool, make sure to really scrape the skins well, remove as much eggplant as possible. Discard the remaining skin. Place the eggplant in food processor along with tahini, lemon juice, garlic, and salt. Puree the mixture in the food processor, slowly drizzling the olive oil as it mixes. The final product should be smooth and silky. Scoop into a bowl, drizzle the top with extra olive oil. Garnish it with paprika, coriander leaves and sumac (optional). Serve warm with pita chips or crudité.

Notes – You can skip the extra olive oil if you have dietary restriction. If you are allergic to sesame, you can make this delicious dip without tahini. The recipe is still quite delicious! Try and use fresh eggplants. If the eggplant is old, the entire dip may taste bitter.

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