Diwali Festival

Diwali is one week away! I am sure all of you are busy de-cluttering, cleaning, decorating your homes, and most importantly preparing delicious foods! I cant believe how fast the time is flying by.. there is so much to love about this beautiful festival and so little time! As we move into autumn, Indian communities all over the world celebrate Diwali, which is a five-day festival of lights that celebrates the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance.

Diwali immediately springs up the childhood memories of fireworks, images of glittering lights, and celebrations welcoming new beginnings and the year ahead. I wont lie, but this is the time I truly love going back home! Diwali in India with family is just quite an experience. With hectic work schedules and life, it becomes harder to go back home for Diwali every year, so we have adapted to new traditions while hanging on to some old ones. I miss having fresh marigold decor in the house and can never do that here, but we still get to enjoy celebrations with family with delicious treats!

During the five-day festival of lights, everyone’s homes are lit up by diyas, rangolis and fireworks! Prior to first day, everyone gets into binge cleaning mode, welcoming goddess Lakshmi. The first day is known as Dhanteras, when people worship Lakshmi Maa, while decorating their homes. Buying goods on this day is very auspicious! Second day marks as Choti Diwali. People wake up early and apply aromatic oils on them before taking a bath. This is said to remove all sins and impurities. Third day is known is Diwali, on this day, everyone wears new clothes, performs Lakshmi pooja, celebrate delicacies along with fireworks with their families. Fourth day known as Padva, when people meet their friends and families and exchange gifts. Fifth and the final day is known as Bhai dooj, when brothers meet their sisters and they share their bond and exchange gifts.

In Indian culture, festivals aren’t complete without home cooked snacks and sweets. During Diwali festival, families prepare months in advance cooking their family recipes of delicious savory and sweets. These are mostly exchanged between families while welcoming new year along with elders blessings. Today, I will be sharing few of my favorite Diwali sweet, which are quick and easy to make and lip-smacking delicious! I hope you make them for Diwali this year and serve it to your family and friends while welcoming new year!

Instant Carrot-Coconut Ladoos (Truffles)

Makes 10-12 truffles


1.5 cups grated carrots

¾ cup sweetened condensed milk

½ cup desiccated coconut

1 tsp cardamom powder

1 tbsp ghee or butter

½ cup sliced pistachio, almond, cashews sliced or chopped- for garnishing

1-2 tbsp desiccated coconut– for garnishing


Prep all your ingredients. In a wide medium size pan, melt 1 tbsp ghee or butter. Once hot, add grated carrots and sauté on medium heat until carrots are softened. Keep sautéing until moisture evaporates, this whole process takes approximately 10 minutes. Add cardamom powder, coconut and sweetened condensed milk. Mix thoroughly and cook on low flame, constantly stirring the mixture. Make sure to cook thoroughly for another 10 minutes or until the mixture starts to roll like a ball. It should be thick mixture, slightly sticky. Turn off the flame, let the mixture cool completely. Coat your hands in ghee prior making the medium size truffles. You can roll them into desiccated coconut or sliced/chopped nuts or decorate with nuts on the top. Place each truffle in small cupcake liner and refrigerate them prior serving. You can store them in the refrigerator in airtight container for up to 3 days.

Instant Coconut Ladoos are a quick and elegant dessert recipe which is prepared with just three ingredients! You can find the recipe here

By the way, can you guess which sweet is most exchanged during the holidays in India? … … Well lets not keep this a suspense any longer. The most famous and popular sweet exchanged during holidays all over India is called Kaju Katli, AKA Cashew Fudge. Here is the recipe and picture attached below 🙂

Wish you all Happy Diwali & New Year in Advance, As I will be busy with my family making new memories and celebrating the festival! I hope all of you get to make new memories during Diwali festival, enjoy time with your family along with fireworks & delicious food! If you make any of these dishes, I would love to see your creation! Please do share your feedback! Stay safe and Enjoy!

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