Fruit infused ice cubes

Getting bored with the taste of just plain old water? I got you! Here is another option for you when it comes to infusing your water with natural ingredients. It’s a great way to jazz up your water! Fruit infused ice cubes are a great little time saver and adds variety easily! This is a great activity to do with your kids too. Have your children help out with these and let them create their own combinations. Kids will chug the water to get to the fruit and before you know it, they will be drinking more water consistently.

For adults, these are a great addition to your drinks. Add these to your wine spritzers or plain or sparkling water and they just elevate the whole drink. Really, the options are endless.


1-2 cups of berries (you can use any fruits of choice – slice small enough to fit your ice tray)


Ice tray


In a large silicone ice mold or plastic tray, fill each little box with frozen berries, and then top it off with water. Freeze until solid.

Once frozen, I remove them from the mold/tray and keep all of them in the ziplock bag. For my son I add ice cubes to his water. My favorite drink right now is adding these 2 ice cubes, mixing white wine and topping my drink off with spritzer.  Without excess calories, my drink is elevated to the next level and I have been loving it during this hot humid summer weather.

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