Welcome to my site!

Many of you may be wondering why I am starting new blog when I already have one. I have been thinking for a while to revamp my site for a while now. It took me 5 years to take this step, something always comes up.. However, I will be eventually transferring all the content and closing down my old webpage. Dont worry, I promise to transfer all the recipes to this page 😉

I have not been around much lately since last 2 years, life has been quite hectic with finishing up FNP school and moving to Alabama. I am currently working as FNP at urgent care in the city and enjoying life with my family! Alabama is definitely slow paced compare to Ohio and Philly, but so far its been quite nice have slow pace. I don’t miss that on the go life anymore. After graduation this slow pace was much needed, helped me relax and appreciate life!

I will be around more often and will be sharing lots of healthy fusion recipes, so keep an eye out! Follow me on here, Instagram, and Facebook!

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